Hi, I'm Tosh!


I teach women how to remove digital, mental, and physical clutter

to make space for guilt-free pleasure in every aspect of their life.

Six years ago I felt stuck in a life and career that looked good on paper, yet underneath I was stressed and burned out (to the point that I developed a stress-related eye disorder that caused my eye to twitch uncontrollably). I gained 80 pounds from using food to cope with the stress.


My whole life changed when I decluttered & downsized from a big house to a smaller space, left a soul-crushing career, paid off ~$15K debt, and cut the digital noise. Along the way, I learned how to fill every area of my life with pleasure.

Today I offer services to help you do the same --> destress, declutter, & fill your life with pleasure.


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For Speaking & Interviews

I absolutely LOVE talking about physical + digital decluttering, as well as ways effective ways to destress. Contact me to speak to your group or audience about how to break up with burnout and overwhelm.

I’m available for:

  • online events (conference or workshops)

  • podcast interviews

  • youtube interviews

  • collaborations

Reach out to me here: contact@toshpatterson.com