Work With Me


Who I Work With

I work with smart, motivated professional women who, despite their impressive career success, are feeling stressed out, burned out, and uninspired. 

My clients want accountability and support. They are ready to crush overwhelm, reduce stress, and work less.

What We Do Together

I help women identify how to strategically work less and find more time freedom without feeling guilty.

I support professional women who are managing burn out and looking for easy systems to build a self-care practice. 

I provide guidance on 'decluttering' your money so you can have financial peace and calm in your life.

Ways to Work With Me

“For when you’re ready to uplevel in any area of your life.”

It’s time to break-up with stress, overwhelm, and burnout. Imagine what would be possible if you felt aligned and balanced in your life.


With private coaching you’ll receive personalized guidance based on your specific goals and desires. You can create a calm and happier life with a customized action plan, ongoing coaching, as well as weekly accountability with an experienced coach and mentor.

In just 90-days, you’ll up-level your life faster and have clarity on how to move forward in your personal and/or professional life.  You'll look back with pride saying, 'Wow, I did THAT?!'


Investment: $3,000

“For when you need to find out what's keeping you stuck in old patterns or scattered and all over the place.”

You already do so much for everyone else – this is your time to focus on YOU!


In this power packed 90-minute session, you’ll jump-start your journey to creating more space for yourself without feeling guilty or selfish. You’ll be inspired to establish clear boundaries and pin down your priorities for this season of life. Plus you’ll learn how to simplify and declutter your life with my secret step by step method so that you carve out more ME time.


By the end, you’ll confidently own your free time, reclaim your schedule, and reconnect with what matters most.


Investment: $497

“For when you need to unplug & decompress from life’s demands.”

Taking care of yourself isn’t just something nice to-do -- it’s essential.


Give yourself permission to recharge your battery, refresh your mind, and restore your spirit.


Come retreat virtually or in-person.


Investment Starting at: $3500 (for 6-day in-person experience)

Get Started NOW

Interested in working with me? Here’s how to get started.

1. Start by telling me about you. Do that HERE

By answering the questions on that page, you are not committing to work with me. However, by submitting your information, you are telling me that you’ve reviewed the ways we can work together and are ready to take the next step.


2. Once I receive your information, I will personally review it. Within 2 business days, you’ll receive an email from me or my assistant with the next steps. If, based on your questions, I feel like we’re a good match, we’ll meet for a complimentary consultation via Zoom.


3. When we consult, we’ll make sure we’re the right fit to work together. You’ll tell me what you’re looking for, and I’ll tell you how I work. If you decide to work with me, you’ll make your payment and get on my calendar. Then we’ll identify solutions to help you overcome stress and create balance in your life.

If we aren’t the best fit, I’ll love you just the same and even point you in another direction (coach, resource, book, whatever you need), because that’s how I roll.