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ditch the hustle + create your decluttered, rule-free life!


You don’t have to work harder, do more, or buy one more thing to be happy.
Those shoes are cute, but you’re already working hard enough,
and adding MORE isn't going to help.

What if success didn’t actually require more hustle?

What if success didn’t always include someone else's terms?

What if there was another way?

The truth is you can be your best self at HOME and WORK.

All it takes is a shift in mindset and a few lifestyle tweaks.

But I know that’s easier said than done.  When you’re so caught up in the rat race that you barely have time to eat lunch/go to the bathroom/sort out your kids’ zoom schedule let alone think about your own happiness. So you get sucked into the matrix.

You followed society’s success script/rules and ticked off all the right boxes: college, graduate school, career, family, house, car, etc.

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But underneath what you’ve worked so hard to build, you feel stuck. You don't love your job, you're pulled into 50 different directions, and you're constantly on the go. You’re tired of living up to society’s expectations and burdened by the weight of who you feel you HAVE TO be. And you don't know how to get out.

Women, especially Black women, are taught from an early age that we EARN value by what we achieve and do, not that we ARE valuable. You overachieve at work, you take care of everyone else, you do all the things you're supposed to, but you're realizing you can't work or buy your way to being SATISFIED.

Success has come with a price. And the price is YOU.


Instead of starting the day with meditation and breakfast like you promised yourself, you scroll through work emails in bed as soon as you wake up.

⚡ Instead of feeling satisfied with life, you buy another expensive pair of SOMETHING to feel better. It feels good for a few minutes but never ever truly satisfies you. Actually, as a successful woman, you have all the stuff you’re “supposed” to have but rarely use any of it. All the stuff is taking up space in the guest room, basement, and garage. And for some reason, you keep buying MORE.

⚡ Instead of admitting the truth -- that you feel stuck and unhappy, you go through the motions existing in a MEH life because people say “don’t complain since you have it all”.

⚡ Instead of being on time and chill AF at every meeting and appointment, you rush from one activity to the next, iPhone in hand, from the time you wake up until you fall into bed at night. Your life feels like one big hamster wheel.

⚡ Instead of appreciating everything you’ve accomplished, you scroll through social media and think “she’s got it together! I should be achieving more, earning more, exercising more, traveling more.”

⚡ And sex… what’s that? Your mind is so full of to-do’s that you find it impossible to even think about it.

You know something isn’t right and you can’t go on like this forever. 
You want  SUCCESS but not at the cost of your health or your family.
But you just don’t know where to start…

I totally get it because I’ve been there.

I had a life that looked good on paper and satisfied society’s expectations, but underneath the facade, I was unhappy, unappreciated, and my health was failing.  


I remember living in a cycle of hustle harder, work longer hours, sleep less FOR YEARS. At the end of the workday, I often felt completely drained and disillusioned. I was drowning in 60 hour work weeks, putting out fires, and being reactive to work demands so I neglected myself, my life, my health in favor of climbing the corporate ladder. 

Year after year I prioritized work commitments (annual conferences, peak season obligations, big meetings) and as a result, I felt chained to work responsibilities. 

It got so bad that I was actually diagnosed with anxiety and depression, as well as a stress-related eye disorder, so I HAD TO PRIORITIZE my self-care daily no matter what. 


And that’s when everything changed…

After more than a decade checking off every item on SOCIETY'S SUCCESS LIST, I drew a line in the sand and to work less. No more late nights, early mornings, extra committees, or weekend work.


I finally decided to end the 24/7 hustle, de-clutter my physical and mental space, re-evaluate what really matters to me, and set boundaries around my time.

Now my days start with reading over a hot cup of tea, working with clients through the afternoon, and clocking out at 4pm on the dot. No late-night emails, no weekend meetings, and definitely no climbing anyone else's ladder.


Plus I have plenty of space in my calendar for rest and play.  My home is a calm sanctuary. Overall, I enjoy a life that feels so good and could care less whether or not it matches up with society’s success script/rules.

Working through this process was a massive relief for me
and I’d love to help make it happen for you too!
Here’s what your life is about to look like:
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✨ Bye-bye hustle! You’ve stopped chasing society’s success script. You design your life by your own definition of success. These days you validate your own worthiness.

✨ Your mornings are now filled with GUILT-FREE self care rituals (like yoga, running, walking) that make you feel excited to wake up each morning.


✨ Your home feels like a sanctuary - a place to nurture yourself and your family. Now you have clear countertops and surfaces instead of piles stacked everywhere. You see the bottom of the closet floor, and don't feel the need to fill it back up again!

✨ You’ve created enough space in your calendar for rest and play because the physical and digital clutter is removed. The physical stuff isn’t distracting you from looking further into your life.


✨ At work you’re more focused, can find emails, hit deadlines early, and honor your boundaries about NOT working evenings/weekends. Now you have time to take deep breaths and hear yourself think.

✨ You feel so satisfied with your life now that you no longer find yourself buying “stuff”  to distract yourself.

Nodding your head YES to all of the above?
I believe it’s possible for you to burn society’s script and reclaim what matters most to you, honey. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to balance because your new life is waiting!

 When we first met, Tosh seemed open, organized, and thoughtful--I needed a grounding force…she was all of that and so much more. Tosh helped me organize my vision, plan ahead, and create thoughtful and pre-emptive plans. She asked GREAT questions and was open to everything…there was no judgment, just excitement and support--what I so needed. She is fun, funny, ridiculously brilliant, super organized. What more could you ask for? She was an ABSOLUTE delight to work with and helped make the vision a reality.

-Beth, Senior Leader in Education

Every week we’ll partner to shift your mindset from cluttered to calm. 


Week 1: End the non-stop hustle 

Understand differences between stress, overwhelm, and burn out in order to

break free from 24/7 Hustle Culture 


Week 2: Give Yourself Permission to Work Less

Burn society’s script and redefine success + happiness -- on your terms. 


Week 3: Y-O-U Daily

Create Your Self-Care Blueprint


Week 4: Declutter & Simplify Your Schedule

Get more downtime (to enjoy your evenings, long weekends, and even vacations)


Week 5: Declutter & Simplify Your Digital Space

How to clean up your most precious digital space


Week 6: Declutter & Simplify Your Digital Space

Create simple systems for your email, computer, etc


BONUS MASTERCLASS (Live, 90 minutes): Tap Into YOUR Vision

LIVING the life you've been dreaming of


Step-by-Step Actions + Community + Coaching =

The Life You’ve Always Wanted. 

How it works…

Weekly Lesson.  You’ll receive a new training every week for 6 weeks.  No fluff, all action.

The lessons are NO FLUFF because I know that you don’t need to do ALL THE THINGS – you just need to focus on strategic actions to make yourself a priority daily. Each training will give you a step-by-step overview, as well as an action plan so that you can begin applying it to your life. Watch or listen wherever you want.

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Weekly Action. Each week, you’ll receive an activity to support you in practicing and putting what you are learning into action. The goal is to keep you in action as priority #1 -- no matter what! Because life throws lots of twists and turns (today it’s global pandemic, tomorrow something else) so the reality is that staying in action no matter what will take you one step closer to building the lifestyle you want.

LIVE Call with me via Zoom to answer your biggest questions and troubleshoot implementation. Replays of each call will be shared.


We'll meet on Wednesdays 4:00-5:00pm ET. Begins April 15 - May 20, 2021. 

This is for you if…

🌟 You’re a woman who is all about hard work and hustle, but you're starting to feel worn out, tired of the non-stop action, pulled in every direction except the one you want to go in.

🌟 Your desktop is covered with files, downloads, and screenshots. You usually have 20 tabs open, 50+ unopened emails, and no clue where you stored digital pictures.


🌟 Your home office/desk is buried under piles of papers, bills, and books - yet to be read. Not to mention file cabinets with old taxes. Since you’re unsure what to keep and what to ditch, you just default to keeping everything.

🌟 You try to turn a blind eye to overstuffed closets and cabinets, but the truth is you feel overwhelmed by all the physical stuff. You can’t see the floor of the closet because so many clothes, purses, and shoes - most still have tags. For the past year, you’ve considered hiring an organizer to come and “deal with it”

🌟 You kick ass at work, but at home you’re on auto-pilot, kinda reactionary. Between social media dings, email notifications, plus the pace of work demands and life, your mind is scattered.  You misplace keys or take something out of your purse and have no idea where you put it. #exhausted

🌟 You pile more and more onto your to-do list, saying yes when you really want to say no. You’re going through the motions. This leaves zero time for YOU. But you say yes to everything. Why? Because you follow society’s script about what a good mom/wife/leader/neighbor would do. Keeping up has you feeling drained and exhausted.

“I got so much out of the class. I love this way of vision boarding...much more exciting and engaging. It was so powerful. Once we started to put the board together, I could feel the excitement building, but I came up against some powerful limiting beliefs that were blocking me from my dreams. You were so generous to help me push through that. Thanks again Tosh!

-Patricia Tallman, Business Owner

Pick your plan and start today!

More than anything I want you to make time for yourself. 
If you’re ready for mentoring and support to step out of overworked and overwhelmed into working less and living more, I’m here to help.
Let’s do this together.

3 Monthly Payments

$$333/ month

One Payment

$$997 once



“Is this for women only?” 

Yes. Why? Because I want to build a community of ambitious women who are ready to declutter and burn society’s script -- TOGETHER.

"When does this start?"

This course begins on April 15, 2021 and ends May 20, 2021. Our weekly sessions will be on  Thursdays from 4:00-5:00pm ET via Zoom. Yes, replays are available.

"How much time is needed?"

Honestly, about 2.5 hours per week. Our weekly session is 90 minutes. Plus you'll need about 60 minutes to complete the worksheet and apply it to your life. The lessons are NO FLUFF because I know that you don’t need to do ALL THE THINGS – you just need to focus on strategic actions to make yourself a priority daily.

“I’m so busy right now – will I have time for all of this?”

Yes, you do! And, if you don't feel like you can give yourself 2.5 hours per week then that's all the more reason to join me. This program was designed to ensure your success. By the end you’ll confidently reclaim your time. 

"What's the investment for this?"

Get started today on the 3-pay plan for $333 per month or pay in full for $997.

"I don't have a Paypal account"

No worries! You don't need an account - just checkout as a guest.

“I have another question that’s not addressed here. Can we chat?” 

Yes. Send us an email at