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Now my life is simple

I've hired Tosh to help plan my one day event and I've also worked with her as my coach. She is a strategic thinker who is very organized which means my events run smoothly largely due to the advance efforts of Tosh forcing me to sit down and map it out.

As far as being a coach, Tosh is wonderful and I keep investing in her services because I need accountability/support in my life, as well as my business. Tosh has a tremendous amount of resources she’s plugged me into plus my life keeps improving. Now my life is simple because Tosh has a way of making things easier. She’s been such a blessing in my life. 

Kelly Campbell, Instant Author Training []


Helping me gain more clarity

Tosh, thank you for helping me gain more clarity and perspective; it was worth the investment to bring you to Chicago. Before our session I felt overwhelmed by a never-ending list of things to do for myself and my business. You guided me to get laser focused on my personal definition of success and you helped me see how to do less, not more. We actually took time to plan out my life and my business for the coming year which will increase my productivity! You brought such a grounding energy into the session and I especially appreciated your keen listening for both the spoken/unspoken. 

After our session not only was I energized, I made long overdue doctor’s appointments to make my health a priority. Thanks for asking all the right questions…I’m now confident about the year to come! 

Dr. Shante, Coach & Podcast Host []


Organize my vision

When we first met, Tosh seemed open, organized, and thoughtful--I needed a grounding force…she was all of that and so much more. Tosh helped me organize my vision, plan ahead, and create thoughtful and pre-emptive plans. She asked GREAT questions and was open to everything…there was no judgment, just excitement and support--what I so needed. She is fun, funny, ridiculously brilliant, super organized. What more could you ask for? She was an ABSOLUTE delight to work with and helped make vision a reality.

Beth, Senior Leader in Education