With me by your side you'll gain the confidence to prioritize yourself, enjoy life on your terms (not society’s script), and create the habits to do what you love all day, every day.

My 1:1 coaching gives you more focused attention and hands-on support to help remove blocks that limit/sabotage you personally or professionally.

You’ll have my guidance with practical tips and step-by-step action plans to remove blocks within yourself and/or with others in your personal or professional life. This will help you transition into a life filled with more ease, more satisfaction, and unapologetic self-care. Through private coaching, you will crush any stress, struggles, or old scripts (identities, patterns & ways of being) holding you back.


My coaching is customizable based on your unique needs. You can expect weekly coaching and accountability to guide you through deep and long-lasting transformation and then with specific steps to integrate it fully into your life.


Once you sign on for private coaching you’ll have an intake call to get clear on your challenges and goals. Then, during our time together, we’ll create your life on your terms - not someone else’s.​


This is for you if…

⚡ You’re successful by society’s standards but deep down you feel like something is missing. You want to be satisfied and turned on by life but haven't figured out how to make it happen on your own.

⚡ You’re always plugged in - often working evenings/weekends - but you want boundaries so you have time to take deep breaths and hear yourself think.

⚡ You feel pulled in 50 different directions so life feels like one big hamster wheel,  but you want space in your calendar for rest and play.

⚡ Instead of starting the day with meditation and breakfast like you promised yourself, you scroll through work emails in bed as soon as you wake up and need support to help change those habits.

You shop and buy things to feel better, which works for a few minutes, but never ever truly satisfies you. All the stuff is taking up space in the guest room, basement, and garage. And for some reason, you keep buying MORE. Your dream is a calm, clutter-free home.

⚡ You want to feel sexy and desirable but your mind is so full of to-do’s that you find it impossible to even think about sex let alone leading from your feminine intuition.


Together we can do things like:


Remove blocks that limit/sabotage you personally or professionally

Declutter your home or office so you have space to focus, think and be productive

Restore intimacy to your relationship and reconnect to yourself/your lover

Create a self-care blueprint and actually do it unapologetically

Establish clear boundaries so you stop overgiving and find your balance

✨ Redesign your weekly schedule so you can manage your time better 

✨ Get clarity on your goals & priorities using The Work Less Live More Method ©

✨ Declutter & organize your money so that you can have financial peace in your life

…plus so much more! This is YOUR time, so you can customize it however you like...I’m here to support you in creating results that you can see, feel, and measure. 


Here are the available options to work with me:

90-Days of Private Coaching:

  • A 60-Minute Intake Session; we’ll create a customized action plan to implement during our time together

  • Twelve (12) 1-hour calls via Zoom to be booked within 3 months

  • Video Recordings of Every Coaching Session

  • Unlimited Email Access to for Questions, Feedback, Strategy & Any Emotional Support You May Need Between Session

  • INVESTMENT: $2400 (monthly payment plans available)


DeStress In a Day:

  • A 30-Minute Intake Session; identify the biggest challenge to work on during our time together

  • 3-hour Session via Zoom 

  • 1-hour Follow-up Session via Zoom to review implementation progress

  • Video Recordings of Every Coaching Session

  • INVESTMENT: $1,100 (2-pay option available)

One Time Consultation:

  • 1-hour Session via Zoom to solve a specific problem

  • Video Recording of Session

  • INVESTMENT: $200