My signature 1-on-1 Private Coaching Program is for the woman who is ready to work less, reduce stress, and find balance so she can have the freedom to do the things she really loves to do without guilt or apology.


With my practical tips, step-by-step action plans, and guidance, you’ll have support to create a life you love - on your terms. In 90-days you’ll up-level your life faster and have clarity on how to move forward in your personal and professional life.  


Are you leaning in? Read more below to determine if this type of support is right for you.




You’re an ambitious woman who, despite an impressive career success, is feeling overwhelmed, stressed, burned out, and uninspired. 


You’re living in overdrive rushing from one activity to the next, from the time you wake up until you fall into bed at night. Your to-do list has grown beyond google calendar with post-it notes scattered all over your office and home.


You always prioritize everyone else (work meetings, kids, family) and, as a result, there’s no time to do what you wanna do.


You want to simplify and declutter your schedule from things you don't want to do and only have what matters most on the calendar. You want to be at the top of the list.


You’re ready to be an ALIGNED WOMAN who works less, goes after BIG dreams, and has the freedom to do the things you really love to do without guilt, but you don’t even know where to start or how to make it happen.




I know because I’ve been there too. 


For more than a decade, I was a career-driven woman who worked to check off every item on SOCIETY'S SUCCESS LIST (Executive Leadership career, husband, home, car, etc) and found myself burned out from work plus life’s demands.


In order to restore balance in my life, I drew a line in the sand and decided to strategically work less. No more late nights, early mornings, extra committees, or weekend work. 


I reclaimed what mattered most — beyond work. I redefined success, prioritized my self-care daily, and unlocked a life aligned with my top values and priorities. Plus I used ALL my leave time to travel and reduce stress.


My transformation inspired others and I began hosting retreats to show other women how to unapologetically make herself a priority. 



If you’re ready to shake off stress, overwhelm, or burnout, I’m here to help!


It’s possible to find your balance and prioritize YOU without feeling guilt.


With me by your side for 90-days, you can do, be, or have ANYTHING. You’ll have my guidance with practical tips and step-by-step action plans to begin making small but significant shifts that will dramatically change your life and inspire so many others in the process. It’s time to create your life by design - not someone else’s.


During this customized, private coaching program many clients need to go deeper on topics:

  • Designing an easy to implement self-care plan so you can consistently prioritize yourself no matter what! 

  • Establishing clear boundaries so you stop overgiving and find your balance

  • Redesigning your weekly schedule so you can manage your time better and be more productive

  • Getting clarity on your goals & priorities using The Live More Vision Board Method ©

  • Creating an ‘Exit Strategy’ from your soul-sucking job so you can ditch all the stress and drama ASAP

  • Mapping out an annual travel plan so you use ALL of your vacation time - you earned it

  • Decluttering & Organizing' your money so that you can have financial peace in your life

  • Blessing and releasing old identities (patterns & ways of being) that no longer serve you

  • Redefining success to determine what it means to be in alignment at this stage of your life


…plus so much more! This is YOUR time, so you can customize it however you like...I’m here to support you!

Private Coaching is for you if:

  • You want accountability and support to create a life you love - on your terms.

  • You’re coachable and motivated to change your life.

  • You’re willing to invest in your transformation.


Private Coaching Includes:

  • A 60-Minute Kick-Off Intensive; we’ll  create a customized action plan to implement during our time together

  • Weekly 60-Minute Private Coaching Sessions via the Zoom 

  • Video Recordings of Every Coaching Session

  • Unlimited Email Access to for Questions, Feedback, Strategy & Any Emotional Support You May Need Between Sessions



  • 3-Month Investment: $3,000

  • 6-Month Investment: $6,000

  • Payment plans are available