Declutter Your Space, Declutter Your Mind,

& Bring More Pleasure Into Your Life


Six years ago I felt stuck in a life and career that looked good on paper, yet underneath I was stressed and burned out. 


My path to freedom came via decluttering and downsizing.  Since then I left a soul-crushing career, traded a big house for a smaller space, and paid off ~$15k debt. 


Decluttering and simplifying my life didn't leave me with LESS, it gave me MORE!


More space.


More freedom.


More time doing things I love with the people I love.


Do you want to declutter your home (or life) but have no idea where to start? Are you craving more time and space to do pleasurable things but feel guilty about prioritizing yourself? 

If you're ready to clear out the clutter and infuse everything in your life with PLEASURE (because you deserve it!), let's work together. I’ll guide you through how to declutter and simplify your life.


During sessions we can do things like:




⚡ Identify and REMOVE THE MENTAL CLUTTER that keeps you stuck doing things you don’t wanna do 


⚡ Tackle your DIGITAL CLUTTER (hello, junky email inbox that causes you to miss important details)


⚡ DECLUTTER YOUR SCHEDULE and create clear boundaries so you stop overgiving


⚡ CULTIVATE A SACRED SELF-PLEASURE  PRACTICE so that you can reconnect to yourself/your lover


…plus so much more! This is YOUR time, so you can customize it however you like...I’m here to support you in creating results that you can see, feel, and measure. 


Here are the available options to work with me:

✨ $249 - Single 1-Hour Coaching Session ✨

This option allows you to schedule one single coaching session to solve a specific problem.


✨ $499 - 3-Hour Pleasure Intensive ✨

An intensive is best if you're ready to dive deep and remove blocks that keep you stuck. Ideal for mental decluttering and creating an exit strategy from what no longer serves you.


✨ $1500 - 90-Days to Next Level Pleasure ✨

This option includes six (6) 1-hour sessions with support and accountability. If you're ready to clear out the digital, mental, and physical clutter and infuse everything in your life with PLEASURE, this is perfect.


Click an option below to begin working together.

Clients say:

"After a 1-hour coaching session with Tosh, I experienced this total mindset shift. I went from lacking confidence in my business capabilities/desires to being completely convinced that I had the necessary skills to make my new business venture a success. Plus I'm now decluttering my home and preparing to move to Paris. Tosh is 100% caring, supportive, and non-judgmental during the session. Would definitely recommend!"  --Melissa B.

"Tosh you gave me so much clarity. I was feeling stressed out by my calendar and couldn't see time or space to get away to take care of myself. But during our session, you helped me earmark a 6-day window for me to take a long-overdue break. Thanks so much for giving me permission to prioritize my wellbeing." --Kay H.

"YOU ARE A GENIUS! My upstairs bedroom has 2 closets. I've been using this one for printer and storage, but all of it could move downstairs as you suggested. I can reclaim this closet for myself and get more organized with my space. Also, I sold all those clothes and made about $549 getting rid of stuff. THANK YOU! --Kelly

"Thank you! Thank you! I feel like a million bucks! I've learned so much about UPing feeding my pleasures - especially sexual desires. After the Pleasure Intensive we worked hard to carve out space to reconnect with each other and it was worth it." -Yolanda

"I’ve let go of online files, clothing, paperwork, and old concepts/ideas (mind clutter) about who I thought I had to be. All this in order to gain greater clarity moving forward!" -Karima