• Tosh Patterson

Year End Reflection: A Simple Ritual to Honor + Release 2020

It's December and most of us have a 2020 hangover!

One of my favorite things to do every year is to evaluate the past 12 months and give thanks for all that happened. I’ve found it to be a powerful way to honor and release the year. I reflect on what worked, what didn’t work and express gratitude for everything in-between. And, yes, despite 2020 being tumultuous a year, I’ll still do this year end gratitude and reflection.

For this year-end reflection ritual, I write down all the accomplishments and milestones I experienced in my life and business. This way I can honor myself and really be proud of what I DID do instead of beating myself up for all the things I DIDN'T do.

Plus, what you focus on grows so if you want MORE good stuff be thankful for the current good stuff 🙂 Oh, and to have a future vision you have to know where you've been.

I typically lead this ritual live during retreat but due to COVID, my year-end retreat has been canceled, however, I want to share with you how to complete this ritual from the comfort of your home.

Alright, grab your favorite drink, a candle, and cozy up for this year-end reflection.


A Simple Ritual to Honor + Release 2020


-Grab journal + pen.

-Set timer + sit quietly for 5 minutes with hand over heart.

-Reflect on 2020 + your lessons learned, accomplishments, ah-ha moments, challenges, etc.


-Write a letter to 2020 + EXPRESS GRATITUDE for all you received this year.

Give yourself time to reflect and respond to these journal prompts below. It doesn’t matter if you do this all at once, or if you like to do it in pieces so that you don’t feel so much pressure. The biggest thing is to just write. Set aside a chunk (or small chunks of time when you won’t be distracted)



-List 10 accomplishments or things you’re proud of from this year.

-What are you most grateful for from 2020? Lessons learned. Aha moments.


-What’s one thought, emotion, way of being you’re releasing for 2020?

-What do you need to let go of/release? What’s not working?


-What’s your heart’s desire for your life/career or biz

-What are you inviting in that will support doing the work that’s MOST meaningful to you?

Women who attend my retreat have achieved career success, but they need time and space to decompress from life and plug into their heart’s deepest desires -- beyond the stuff. I’m always amazed at what is uncovered from this reflection.

With 2020 in mind, I hope you’ll agree that pulling out things to be thankful for is an exercise worth doing no matter what. Because pointing out what’s gone wrong in 2020 (or any rough year of life) is too easy. I’d never suggest that you gloss over hardship, disappointment or heartache but I do believe the more compelling choice is accepting what happened and finding things to be thankful for as well.


You wanna know my 2020 gratitudes?

Well, glad you asked.


Because of COVID, I started walking 2x daily with hubby. We cooked fresh meals, found Jenny’s Ice Cream (delicious!), and explored local parks. It was wonderful to enjoy time outside, connect to nature, get in sync with each other’s breathing. All this kickstarted 25 lb weight loss.


My heart is so full and appreciative that people invested in my coaching, programs, and services this year. But I am most thankful that a local small business hired me to declutter and organize her workspace. She needed more orderly space to make and ship body products. I finished the project right before going to Mexico.

MEXICO 🏝🧘🏽‍♀️

I debated about 2020 travel for months but finally decided to go to Mexico for a few weeks with my hubby. So thankful I made it there and back safely. A local healer offered me a healing session and TRUST THE UNIVERSE was a message dropped on my heart.


In September me & hubby drove from Maryland to Indiana to visit my family. It was a strategic visit because we anticipated COVID would prevent us from holiday travel. Anywho, we celebrated Granny’s 80th birthday. She shared stories we’d never heard before, played cards, ate good food.


So thankful to have three house projects complete and all paid in cash! Plus we’re just $1,141 away from paying off one last debt.

Overall, I’m happy to be alive and well! This simple, yet powerful, reflection activity really helps me to be thankful for all the goodness in life.

Alright, please take some time to honor and release 2020.