• Tosh Patterson

The Most Embarrassing Story

This is the most embarrassing story.

And maybe even a little TMI (too much info) but if you stick with me there’s a point.

Rewind to 2010. My days were fast-paced. At that time, my to-do list was never-ending. I’d earned two promotions at work so I was part of the executive management team.

Each moment of the day was packed -- starting before work by reading email over breakfast, followed by going from appointment to appointment with barely a moment to escape for lunch.

On this particular day, I darted into the bathroom to change my tampon and realized it wasn’t there.

No string.

No tampon.

Nothing. The whole thing…just MIA.

There I stood, confused. How could it be MIA when I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, I had inserted a tampon?


I couldn't recall any of my friends EVER mentioning losing a tampon. In a panic, I went to YouTube to learn if others had experienced it. No luck.

Then I called my best friend. She, too, hadn’t heard of it.

Next I called my mom who shared something similar happened to her many years ago. “Go to the gynecologist,” she said.

So, one day later, there I was on the exam table talking to my gynecologist.

Doc: It’s not there. In fact, there’s nothing there.

Me: Are you sure?

Doc: Positively. Nothing there. Maybe it slipped out.

Me: But I would have felt that. Are you sure it’s not lost inside me?

Doc: I don’t know what else to tell you, but I’m certain it’s not there. Did you even put one in?

Me: Silence.

There I was, all propped up on the table, thinking, Did I put a tampon in?

I had been so busy, rushing from place to place, going from thing to thing, I couldn’t even remember if I had used a tampon.

Gheesh, how could I be that disconnected from my body?

At first, I felt crazy, then I thought, I CANNOT be the only one who is so busy, so rushed, so automated, that I do things without awareness. And I thought, what kind of woman is that disconnected from her lady bits?

This was a wake up call. Maybe you could never see yourself forgetting a tampon, but chances are, if you're constantly on the go like the old me, you are pretty disconnected from yourself.


How? Begin infusing self-care into your daily practice by taking 10 minutes of stillness.

This is exactly what I did after my embarrassing moment and it's a practice I've maintained and now teach to clients.

Step 1: Identify a place you can lay flat or sit still on for 10 minutes. No music. No reading. No TV. This step should NOT take place when you're in bed about to go to sleep. Designate time during the day.

Step 2: Set 10 minute timer on your cell phone.

Step 3 (option 1) : Enjoy the silence and calm. Notice what it feels like for you to be uninterrupted for 10 minutes. Just you breathing and reconnecting to yourself. How does your body feel? What sounds do you hear?

Step 3 (option 2) : Enjoy the silence and calm. Eat lunch away from your desk & focus on digesting your meal.

It’s time to be more checked-in and less checked-out!

Do you feel like you need some more support, a shoulder to cry on, some help figuring out how to find more time for yourself? Hit reply now and I'd be happy to set up a time to chat.

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