• Tosh Patterson

How to Simplify Breakfast

You know what they say...breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I agree.

For the most part I would consider myself a morning person, but I'm learning many people dislike hours before 9 AM. Haha!

So if that's you which means you move like a zombie in the morning and have a hard time being functional, as most people do, breakfast can seem overwhelming or unnecessary.

Below are 3 options to simplify breakfast.


BE CONSISTENT: Let's face it, most people are not creative in the morning. Keep breakfast simple. If you're anything like me you probably eat the same thing for breakfast daily.

On Sunday night, COOK AND PORTION OUT five servings because doing this will allow you to grab-n-go each morning. Foods you can cook and measure might include: making five hard boiled eggs, cutting up fruit and veggies for morning smoothies, sautéing veggies, and scrambling eggs. All these foods can easily be stored in containers or baggies for the entire week.


PLAN YOUR FOOD AHEAD OF TIME: If making everything Sunday night seems too intense for you, then simply prepare what you need the night before. This will limit you having to think or debate what to eat for breakfast in the morning, thus saving you valuable morning minutes.


RE-DEFINE BREAKFAST: When it comes to breakfast, grabbing carb-a-licious muffins and croissants seem easy, but those items fail to give the protein you need and will leave you feeling sluggish mid-morning. We often limit breakfast foods to include eggs, bacon, coffee, & muffins. Instead of those heavy, calorie-laden foods, consider having nutrient-rich breakfast foods like beans & avocado, mixed salad greens & fruit, almond butter & apple, quinoa & berries, or sprouted bread & natural peanut butter.

What do you eat for breakfast?


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