• Tosh Patterson

How to Let Go of Perfection

There is a piece of me that still holds myself to a high standard of looking and being the perfect vision of health at all times.

By that I mean having it all together at all times by aspiring to have the perfect body, the perfect health routine, a zen state of mind, and a perfect level of balance and mediation. So basically, always happy and positive. Talk about pressure...

It's the same kind of pressure we all put on ourselves.

Can you relate? Do you hold yourself to a sometimes ridiculous and possibly unattainable standard of perfection?

This misguided idea of perfection holds us back from being present and proud of where we are and who we are in this moment on life's journey.

If we are always chasing perfection or have this ideal way of being, thinking and acting, we will never be satisfied with where we are in our lives.Perfection is the ego. When is rears its ugly head, it keeps us from living in the right here, right now moments.


Step #1: When it comes to weight and our bodies, creating a healthy lifestyle requires a positive mindset. If we are only happy when we have our “perfect day of eating, our perfect workout (you know the one that lasted 90 minutes which is not feasible for you more than 1x per week), our perfect bedtime, our perfect week….", we are setting ourselves up for failure because it’s not sustainable. Stop beating yourself upand begin appaulding what you can accomplish daily.

Step #2: Be kind and forgiving to yourself by creating routines that work and make sense for you and your schedule. Simply do what you can each day. I’m not saying to forgo your workouts and throw your routine out the window; what I’m saying is for you do a little re-evaluation. If the life and routine you have created no longer serves you, isn't sustainable, doesn’t fulfill you and your desires for what you want to look like and how you want to feel in your body, or it isn't what you want your life to be, then change it.

Step #3: Most importantly, take it day by day, be proud of yourself, and celebrate every moment and action steps that you take that are aligned with what makes you FEEL good.

Remember, weight loss isn't about perfection because aiming for perfection will have you beating yourself up again and again. Long-term weight loss is about creating a lifestyle change for long-term success.

Ditch perfection, embrace action!


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