• Tosh Patterson

Holiday Blues? Do This.

If you (or someone you love) isn't in a healthy 🧠 headspace this holiday season, this is for you.


This time of year is especially difficult because there’s an expectation of being merry + bright. There are unspoken rules that things are supposed to be a certain way.

🔥 BURN those expectations 🔥

If you’re not feeling upbeat right now, unburden yourself + don’t try to live up to any of it. You can't force yourself to be happy just because it's the holiday season.

Allow things to be less than ideal + don't force it to be how they "always are" It's OK to take time to feel/express your feelings. Don’t push yourself to perform to others.


😔 A few years ago I was in a MAJOR FUNK during the holidays... and felt hella depleted + exhausted.

Typically my hubby makes a turkey + gravy. That leaves me responsible for sides. We rotate dessert duty. This is our standing agreement for Christmas + Thanksgiving.

But back then I was so burned out + depleted, I couldn’t even think about sides, decorating, socializing - NOTHING. I only had the strength to curl up on the sofa and stare into the fire.

Overall, I felt irritable, withdrawn, and unable to do any chores.

So, on Christmas + for weeks following, hubby did everything from grocery shop, to cook, clean up, pay bills, and everything in-between for our home.


A few weeks later despite taking a 2 wk vacation, I STILL felt stuck in a low mood. I accepted that I needed support. I found a therapist by asking my primary care Dr for a referral.

After an evaluation, the therapist diagnosed me with anxiety + depression (and later uncovered it was all triggered by work stress).

My therapist suggested I also see a psychiatrist for meds. Initially, I resisted the idea and kinda felt like as someone who helps others, I didn’t need meds but realized I was letting my ego rule.

Eventually, I agreed to take meds under supervision for 1 year, and honestly, it took the edge off + lifted the fog.

⚡️My healing happened thanks to a therapist, a psychiatrist, changes to my lifestyle (walking, healthy meals), and leaving a SOUL-SUCKING job.

🎄This year I’m feeling festive despite COVID. I feel like myself, ready to cook up a storm, but I remember just a few years ago being in such a different mental + emotional space.

⚡️If you’re in a funk, consistently sad or anxious, and can’t seem to get yourself out of it, consider seeking mental health support. See 3rd pic of the post so you know what to look for.

⚡️It’s normal + completely human to ask for help along life’s journey.

Sending love from my heart to yours,


BOTTOM LINE: If you're experiencing holiday blues, I know you'll get through to the other side (like me!) with some support.