• Tosh Patterson

The 5 Biggest Lies We Believe

Have you ever lost some weight, gained some weight? Then repeated the lose/gain yo-yo pattern?

Me too. You’re not alone in that experience.

I was able to get out of the yo-yo pattern by first shifting my thinking.

Releasing weight, instead of losing weight. Releasing the mental weight of past hurt, fear, & doubt. Letting go of not feeling good enough. Losing implies you will find it again and, well, I know you don’t want find old physical or mental weight.

Coming at healthy weight management from the angle of releasing weight, instead of losing weight has made all the difference. And, honestly, taming my own inner mean girl seems to be more of a hurdle than shedding the pounds.

After working with clients PLUS my own personal experience, I believe there are 5 big ugly lies that keep us stuck.

Until you can recognize the lies you tell yourself, you’ll stay stuck inside a blind force that keeps you standing still.

The real question is, how long will you continue to let self-sabotage keep you away from vibrant health & well being?


Lie #1: It Must Be Perfect. I can’t say it enough: ditch perfection & chase consistent action. Striving for perfection can be toxic & cause you to throw in the towel if you make one mistake. MAKE MISTAKES…these are signs of your own growth.

Lie #2: I Don’t Have Time. That’s just a grown-up excuse for ‘I don’t want to’. There are more than enough hours in the day for you to cook your meals and exercise for 15 minutes. With 24 hours in the day, how many are you throwing away on TV, email, fb, etc? Make yourself a priority!

Lie #3: I Have To Because. In each moment you have power of choice: from what you put on your plate to what you drink to what you wear, you are always in choice.

There is absolutely nothing in the world that you have to do for yourself, or anyone else. Come, instead, from the mindset of ‘I want to do this for myself because I say it’s important”. From what you put on your plate.

Lie #4: I Can’t. Umm, hello, yes you can! Stop beating yourself up. Stop playing small. You are more than capable…just take the first step.

Lie #5: I’m Not Good Enough. This, perhaps, is the hardest o f the lies we believe. It lurks in our minds and it keeps us from stepping into being our best selves.

Often people say ‘eating well is too expensive’ or ‘I can’t do that (fill-in the blank) for myself’. But the truth is that you are more than worthy of eating well & living well. You deserve to be happy and love the skin you are in. You ARE good enough!

If your lie is this one, or another, we all have the ability to break free!

Here are three simple steps to help you break free from the lies:

Step 1: Accept responsibility for the lies you have told yourself.

Step 2: Acknowledge them when they arise.

Step 3: Practice releasing them & embracing YOUR POWER OF CHOICE.

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