• Tosh Patterson

Eat the Elephant: 5 Tips to Keep You Outta Overwhelm & Stress Eating

Do you have a ba-zillion things on your 'to-do' list?

Do you feel like you need to clone another YOU?


Well, life gets like that sometimes…too many things requiring attention, but maybe not enough time for all of it.

And, I don't know about you, but when I'm stressed…I wanna eat.

Eating to calm & comfort.

Eating to reward when feeling overwhelmed.

Being stressed leads to throwing healthy eating out the window.

But what if I said, "when you're stressed, Be In Action, Not Perfection"…

Yep, that's right…just be in action and eat that elephant called overwhelm one bite at a time.

Stress might cause you to lapse back into old behaviors, like stress eating, which is understandable. So, instead of beating yourself up about eating a candy bar & relying on old coping strategies, just get back into action. You can hit the ‘reset’ button at the next meal.

Stop chasing perfection & start being in action; watch the video to get some more on this concept. Here are 5 quick & easy tips that help me (and hopefully you too) to get outta life's overwhelm AND keep health at the top:

1 Brain Dump. When you're overwhelmed, you have lots & lots of thoughts floating in your mind which increases that “hamster on a wheel” feeling. So take out a sheet of paper & write down everything weighing on your mind.

2 Prioritize the List. Once you see all the thoughts on paper, prioritize them. Decide which projects need to happen first.

3  Limit Daily Tasks to 6 MUST DO Items. Each day focus on completing 6 tasks each day. No more, no less. Six daily tasks will help you eat the overwhelm elephant.

4 10 minutes of you time. YOU might be inclined to forego "you time' when feelings of stress & overwhelm emerge, but don't make that mistake. Earmark 10 minutes per day to exercise or meditate. Clear your mind for just a few minutes helps ward off mindless eating.

5 Ask for support. Who can help you? Retire your superwoman cape, delegate some tasks, and let others contribute to helping you succeed.

The reality is “life happens” and you’ll have stressful times, maybe even overwhelming times, but finding various ways to manage the stress/overwhelm will serve your long-term mental & physical success.


And, as the saying goes, you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time…


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