• Tosh Patterson

5 Ways to Declutter Physical Space for More Emotional Space

Here’s a Wellness Idea: Declutter!

You lead a busy life. How do I know? Because you live in the modern age and, as a result, may have lots of stuff taking up physical space in your life.

Take time to clean out and/or declutter one area that needs attention. Is your desk a hot mess? Or do you maybe have piles of clothes throughout the house?

Do whatever it takes to declutter your space because working in a clutter free space will allow you to have mental clarity and feel refreshed enough to create and operate your life.

Yep, your life.

You need to take time to consciously choose if you wish to have and keep all the things in your physical space. You know all the stuff you intend to donate/sort but it’s piled up for way too long?

Now is the time to address it.

I speak from experience: when I have clutter around me, I am distracted. Whenever I take time to purge physical stuff, something on the inside opens up too.

Do whatever it takes to file the stack of papers on your desk.

Do whatever it takes to have your home be a place you enjoy spending time because removing physical clutter will create a sense of calm in your life.

Don't be overwhelmed...just commit to decluttering one space this week!


1. Give yourself 5 solid minutes.  If you give yourself focused, uninterrupted 5 minutes to sorting one pile of junk, it will make a huge difference. Don’t underestimate how a few minutes can add up over time.

2. Give away one item each day. Admit it, you have a lot of stuff. Old clothes, old jewelry, old artwork, etc that you have enjoyed for years OR you have no intention of using again…but there it is taking up physical space in your life.

Last summer I was inspired by a woman who intentionally gave away beautiful items she had enjoyed for several years in an effort to declutter her space, share beauty, and be mindful of how she filled her space.

3. Fill one trash bag.  In my own journey towards simplicity, one of my favorite decluttering techniques was to grab a simple large trash bag and see how quickly I could fill it. This may help you fill a bag for Goodwill.

4. Take the 12-12-12 Challenge. A simple task of locating 12 items to throw away, 12 items to donate, and 12 items to be returned to their proper home can be a really fun and exciting way to quickly organize 36 things in your house.

5. The Four-Box Method. Get four boxes: trash, give away, keep, or relocate. Each item in every room should be placed into one of the four categories. No item should be passed over. Each item should be considered individually.

No matter what you choose to help you get started - whether you use these suggestions or others - the goal is to take your first step with excitement behind it.

Taking time to declutter your physical space will result in you being able to start to explore emotional baggage you may be holding on to as well; physical decluttering creates space for emotional decluttering.

There is a beautiful world of freedom and fresh breath hiding behind that clutter. How you remove it is up to you…


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