• Tosh Patterson

3 Effective Ways to Reduce Work Stress

When I lived in a 300-pounds body, chocolate muffins were my afternoon stress relief. Sometimes Doritos. Seriously.

If you're an emotional eater like me, you know what I mean...

Your boss sends THAT email? Cookie please.

Stress of commuting to work. Venti Latte with whip cream, pronto!

Email overload has your head spinning. Afternoon bag of chips, stat.

When you're super successful in your career, sometimes it can still feel like something’s missing. And when you're chronically overworked, overwhelmed, overextended AND sleep-deprived, work stress and the resulting stress eating can get to you!

You may end up using food as a way to relieve stress for many, many years. I used to do that, but as I started learning more stress management, other options became available. Watch the video below to see what I mean.

These days, I use the following 3 methods (mentioned in the video above) to keep me grounded during stressful days or moments:

METHOD 1: Meditation Cards: Use these to focus and center your day. Be intentional, create positive energy in your work space, and leave the cards in a visible place so you can look at them during stressful moments.

METHOD 2: Water element: Use this to create calm and reconnect with nature.

METHOD 3: Essential Oils: Use these to rejuvenate in the middle of a busy day. This is by far my favorite option!

What methods work for you?


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