Learn what to expect Season 1 of The Stop Waiting Start Living Show, which is a podcast dedicated to helping busy professional women RECHARGE their life, career, & health.

With every episode the goal is to help you live with more passion, work with more focus, & make yourself a priority...so you can stop waiting on perfect & start living a life you love. Our mission is to help you get UNSTUCK & connect to what you really want at a deeper level.

In season one we'll focus on 12 Ways to RECHARGE.

Episodes will be released weekly on Thursdays & you can expect 12 episodes season 1.

My Story

I'm a recovering perfectionist.

Hosting this podcast is my effort to ditch perfection and chase what I really, really want in life: to share my knowledge and experiences with others. The old me would have waited until I knew everything about podcasting, however, the new me believes ACTION outweighs perfection.

Each week I'll bring my best insights, info, and experiences to the show but I'll also leave space to love myself through any imperfections. 

Thanks for being with me on the journey of the Stop Waiting Start Living Show.