Are you a busy, get-it-done woman who followed society's success script?

You did all the RIGHT THINGS, in the right order but constantly feel overwhelmed & overextended?

You might even be feeling burnttttttt all the way out with work & bored in life.

Well this is the episode for you because we want to share our stories & 3 ACTIONABLE TIPS on how to deal with burn out.

My Story

Rewind to 2010 when I was in the deepest, darkest haze of life. I hated every moment of the day because I could see myself going through the motions. 

Like many women I had accepted society’s success definition, never before pausing to ask if I, myself, truly agreed with it.

So, there I was, waking up every day wondering if the daily grind was all life had to offer. On paper my life was a perfect success by society’s standards: young, single, financially independent, successful, highly educated…but from my view things were stark.

I couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I started gaining weight I had previously lost.

I was disconnected and disinterested in my career.

I was ready to take over the world when I graduated with a Masters degree but after 10 years of doing what I had studied and was trained to do, I hit a slump.

I didn’t love it anymore.

All the magic was gone. My career felt like a steamy summer romance when things were hot and heavy for two months, then it just fizzled.
Yeah, my career, my life…it felt like that: FLAT.

I was going through the motions because I gotta eat, sleep, and shower.

Growing up I learned to work hard, play later, climb the corporate ladder.

So I pushed through my boredom and lack of interest in the job.

Day in and day out I pushed myself to be in a place and do something that really wasn’t serving my spirit.

Then, eventually, it caught up to me.

There was a period of time, maybe 18 months, I would drive into work and about one mile away from the office tears would begin streaming down my face. I’d have a good cry in the parking lot, dry my tears, and walk to my office.

Having such a push, push, push mentally drove my spirit into the ground. I was grumpy most days. During those years I hated my life.

So how did you get to the other side?

Explore the show notes to see how I got through the deepest, darkest valley of my life…


HAYHOUSE RADIO: You can listen from your laptop or an app on your phone but there are a ton positive hosts, like Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson, and Robert Holden. I didn’t like every host yet over time I found my favorite shows to help start my day.

LOUISE HAY APP: I like to start and end my day with positive meditation. During my lowest hours, this app helped me get out of bed, especially on the days I didn’t wanna go into work.

SUPER SOUL SUNDAY: People give Oprah so much crap, but not me. I love Super Soul Sunday and many of the guests opened up a new way of thinking I’d never considered.

DR. TEAL'S EPSOM SALTS: Once per week I’d take a warm bath using Dr. Teal’s Lavendar Epsom salts which smells amazing; aromatherapy helps.

ESSENTIAL OILS: Plants have a healing power we’ve overlooked in modern times. A friend exposed me to Young Living Essential Oils, which are fantastic. Each night at bedtime I’d put a few drops on my hands or on nape of neck. My favs are lavender, joy, and stress away. And for your water try lemon, lime, and citrus.

JOSEPH CLOUGH APP: used these at night.

MICHAEL BERNARD BECKWITH: Upbeat positive music that truly shifted my energy.