Client Kudos

"My biggest aha moment during this trip was actually on DAY ONE, where we sat talking about our stories and how we came to be here, and what our intentions were for this trip. My aha moment had a lot to do with how I cope with stress, how my daughter copes with stress, and what kind of legacy I'm passing on to her, with self-care and just caring for one another."

LaChan / 2017 Bali RECHARGE Retreat

"Also, I had a conversation with Tosh early in the week and it was extremely powerful. She helped me become confident in myself once again -- I knew I had it but just lost it a little bit.

Being around a group of powerful women that I've never met before for a week, gave me a lot of different perspectives and ideas that I never even thought of applying to my own everyday life. And I cannot wait to get home to start working and applying everything that I learned."

Kristen / 2016 Mexico RECHARGE Retreat

"I was able to get some clarity and some focus, and just to really breathe for the first time in a long time. Mexico was the perfect place to just really unwind, to really release stress and plug into who you really want to be, instead of all of the things that you have to be out in the real world. I'm going to go back into the year more clear about what it is that I need to do."

Dr. Shante / 2016 Mexico RECHARGE Retreat

“Thanks for helping me open up and looking at myself and loving me more."
-Wanda / Virtual Retreat

“This was amazing. I am WOKE! Excited to do the work especially during this time. I really enjoyed the retreat and I am going to continue to show myself love and grace. Thank you both for your light, wisdom and love”
-Denishea / Virtual Retreat

“Amazing content and concrete tools and practices. grateful for you two!”
-Domonique / Virtual Retreat

“Very helpful.The retreat was amazing as per expected. Regine and Tosh rose to the challenge as usual and did not disappoint. I love you guys"
-Marilyn / Virtual Retreat

“This whole series was awesome!”
-Lucretia / Virtual Retreat

“Thank you Queens”
-Laura / Virtual Retreat

“I absolutely enjoyed this learning experience Regine and Tosh. I'm so empowered, educated and ready to continue the pursuit of pleasure in all areas of my life. Thank you.”
-Stayce / Virtual Retreat

“It was very good and I enjoyed it. Love you guys! Awesome, keep it coming!”
-Soraya/ Virtual Retreat

“I really enjoyed this ..looking forward to the rest of the classes”
-Ivy / Virtual Retreat

“Tosh & Regine, you all never disappoint. Great stuff to live by! Love and light to you both.”
-Dajuana / Virtual Retreat

"I got a lot of relaxation. Time to think. And Tosh asked tough questions, really asking me to reflect in a way I don’t normally do. Challenging but awesome!"

Saba / 2016 Mexico RECHARGE Retreat

The RECHARGE Retreat was awesome and very powerful. I appreciated being with so many women of color with various backgrounds; we shared about how to manage stress in professional environments but also talked a lot about personal goals and ambitions.


I would recommend this to anyone who was interested in just really shutting it down for a whole week - decompressing. I thought seven days was too much and seven days really wasn't enough..."

Dorinda / 2016 Mexico RECHARGE Retreat

"I wanted to have time away from everything to reflect on my year, but also, more importantly, to really be focused on planning 2017 and look at the goals that I want to achieve. And that's been really great, but something that I did not count on was the wonderful women that I've met here. They're all beautiful and dynamic and up to wonderful things in the world - I'm so inspired by them."

Charley / 2016 Mexico RECHARGE Retreat

"This trip has far exceeded any expectations that I might have even had regarding what I thought might happen. This has been one of the best trips I have ever taken. It has been very exhilarating. It was more spiritual for me than I ever even imagined it would be. I thought I was just coming to do yoga and yet I feel as if I've been transformed exponentially. I was reminded of the power that I have within. I met some wonderful people. The resort is just wonderful. It's beautiful, calming, peaceful, and I would certainly come again.


I want to bring all my children and let them experience this joy that I've just experienced while being here, it's just been a blissful time. And Tosh, I just love you. I love how you organized, how you're so prepared and engaging and cultivating everything that was in your mind to do. You've far exceeded my expectations even; it's just been a lovely time, and I look forward to coming again. Thank you."

Karen / 2017 Bali RECHARGE Retreat

"My experience here at Bali has been a dream of mine for quite some time, but I never could figure out how I would be able to get on a plane for 21 hours to make it across the world to what they call the Garden of Eden. But I mustered up the courage somehow and got on that plane and made it over here, and I couldn't be more just joyful about it.


It has left me feeling courageous. It has left me feeling clear. It has left me feeling just so incredibly appreciative..."

Omega / 2017 Bali RECHARGE Retreat

"RECHARGE for me was a renewal, because I give so much of myself to other people, professionally as well as personally. It was everything just to be able to just relax on the beach, to hear from other women who are also business owners, to have alone time to journal, to hike, to just take in vitamin D to recharge. It was what I needed and I feel ready to get back home and to take my business and life to the next level."

Kristian / 2017 Bali RECHARGE Retreat

“This retreat provided a lot of clarity! Even though I know all the things you've said are true logically, I was not feeling the energy in my body. I need to work on my energy and connecting with my mind, body and spirit.”
-Elizabeth / Virtual Retreat

“Exceptional...TY, Beautiful Sistar Queens”
-Shannon / Virtual Retreat

“Great to discuss how everything is connected and there are many natural ways to healing.”
-Mal / Virtual Retreat

“Awesome and very informative thank you 🙏🏾”
-Leelah / Virtual Retreat

“Very helpful. The retreat was amazing as per expected. Regine and Tosh rose to the challenge as usual and did not disappoint. I love you guys"
-Marilyn / Virtual Retreat

“Thank you for allowing me to be more aware of my feelings and self worth.”
-Ella / Virtual Retreat

“I was on live for part 1 but I just finished watching part 2.... AMAZING!!! Listen I'm trying to get my WHOLE spiritual house in order!!! Thank you ladies for all this great information!”
-Sabrina / Virtual Retreat

"There were so many different ways in which we got to relax, whether it be yoga or sound healing, or just hanging out by the pool, amazing food. I'm going back to New Jersey full, both in my belly, but also in my heart with new friendships. I came here with some friends and it gave us some time to connect, as well as to connect with other women who have similar interests and similar goals in life.


This retreat really made me think about my goals, as well as how I'm going to go back and not go through the same sort of work, work, work mode. I'm ready to use my vision board and begin living a more efficient, less cluttered life."

Tonya / 2017 Bali RECHARGE Retreat

“I absolutely loved the retreat. It felt like a refresher of Bali. My sisters loved it as well! They felt very inspired and their perspective has shifted. I love you all so much and grateful. Looking forward to what’s next.”
-Rayya / Virtual Retreat

“This has been a delight."
-Marcia/ Virtual Retreat

“This was helpful and much needed. Thank you for the time together...creating space for sisterhood and connections!!”
-Ana / Virtual Retreat

“Thank you. I enjoyed the retreat. I am looking forward to getting back to me! It's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one that wants to pause and tune back in to me!”
-Jacinda / Virtual Retreat

“Thank you Regine and Tosh for that amazing weekend. I felt so light and full of creative energy. I look forward to Future retreats!!!”
-Keisha / Virtual Retreat

-Kimberly / Virtual Retreat

"On this trip, I experienced nothing but sisterhood and support for my vision. I got to learn so many different new things, a new culture, connect with new people, and most importantly, connect with myself. I had a blast. So definitely book your trip next time. Come have fun with us. "

Vanessa / 2017 Bali RECHARGE Retreat

"I decided to venture to the RECHARGE Retreat with Tosh to basically take time to connect with me. I'm thankful for being able to go back home with clarity on what my next step is in my life to move forward career-wise, spiritually. And it just has truly been a blessing.


While we were here, we did yoga. We did a sound healing which was amazing, but with all of that, the connection with all the women that were here ... there were 11 women here, and we're from all different parts of the country and that in itself, knowing that we're so far apart in the states that we live in, but there's so much that we have in common that obviously brought us to the same place. And I'm thankful for that connection. "

Vernice / 2017 Bali RECHARGE Retreat