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Create Time for What Matters Most to You

You’re a successful woman who ticked the boxes, played the game, and followed society’s success script. You worked hard but along the way of building your career forgot to play hard.

The word “busy” describes your life. You’re living in overdrive rushing from one activity to the next, from the time you wake up until you fall into bed at night. You always prioritize work commitments (annual conferences, peak season obligations, big meetings), and as a result, you feel chained to work responsibilities. Your to-do list has grown beyond google calendar with post-it notes scattered all over your office and home.

Instead of starting the day with meditation and breakfast, you often scroll through work emails in bed. That’s followed by a day of back to back meetings with little time to hear yourself think. This hectic pace leaves you feeling stressed out, drained, and uninspired from being on the busy hamster wheel.

In the rat race to get it all done, you lose your sense of self and feel overwhelmed. Your success comes at the expense of your personal life because your desires are never at the top of the to-do list. You feel it’s selfish to carve out time for yourself, so your social life is disappearing because you rarely make time for friends and fun. Each day you feel more and more uneasy that you’re not taking time for yourself. You wonder: “How did I get so busy?”

Aside from that, you have a big, sinking fear that you’re missing out on your life. Underneath it all, you’re most afraid to admit that despite your impressive career gains, you feel burned out and uninspired with a career you worked so hard to build.


Your inner alarm clock is going off, saying, “I need to find some ME time & stop being busy.” You want to know how to say "no", so you can carve out space for yourself.


What if getting more ME-time didn't have to be difficult?

You’re ready to uncover how you’ve become so busy and learn tools to take back your schedule and your life. Now you’re ready to have success as well as time to rest, have fun, and spend quality time with those you love. You create the kind of lifestyle that allows enough space to be your best self at home and work.

By establishing clear boundaries, you have the confidence to put yourself first, and you carve out time for what you really want in life. You intentionally plan your free time and ensure your priorities rise to the top. Plus, you simplify and declutter your schedule from things you don't want to do, and only have what matters most on the calendar. Because you’re not so busy, you can hear yourself think and reconnect to what matters most.

It feels amazing to have a manageable calendar that doesn't have work obligations eating up every moment of your day. Your work no longer burns you out because you know now how to put yourself first. You know that getting more ME time isn’t just about time management. It’s about YOU. It’s about rediscovering your golden priorities, so you can start juggling your work and life better and create more quality time for yourself.

You’re finally able to take control of your schedule, create room to breathe and make time for people and activities that matter most. It’s easier to find a balance of work and life. You're excited about creating a life you love -- on your terms.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’re exhausted from giving all your time and attention to work. 

  • You’re afraid of admitting the truth -- you’re feeling burned out and unhappy at work but people say you’re crazy, because “you have it all.”

  • You feel overwhelmed, drained, and uninspired because you put everyone else's needs first.

Let me help you make yourself a priority.

I’m a coach who works with mid-career women who, despite their impressive career success, are feeling burned out and uninspired. Whether they want to find time on the calendar to hear herself think, establish clear work boundaries, or consistently prioritize wellness, I teach them self-care tools so they can live a life they love, on their terms.

When working with me you’ll learn exactly the things you need to do, so you can stop feeling exhausted from giving all your time and attention to work. You’ll also learn how to find time on the calendar to hear yourself think and establish clear work boundaries, so you can begin to live a life you love -- on your terms.

After completing Break Free from Busy: Get More ME Time you’ll:

  • Have clarity and feel confident that what matters most is on the calendar - no more feeling like you’re missing out on your life. 

  • Be able to draw a line in the sand and prioritize your personal wants and needs, so that you’ll work less.

  • Have a system you can use again and again to balance work and life so that you can intentionally create a life you love.

The Break Free From Busy session includes:


You’ll find yourself a quiet corner and with a cuppa what makes you happy, begin to reflect on your previous year, so you can acknowledge the good, the bad, and the ugly. This pivotal reflection activity requires 60 minutes and will serve as a primer for your main 90-minute session.


In this 90-minute private session, you’ll jump-start your journey to creating more space for yourself without feeling guilty or selfish. We’ll discuss your insights and AHa’s that emerged from the reflection activity. You’ll learn how to simplify and declutter your life with my secret step by step method so that you carve out more ME time. By the end, you’ll confidently own your free time, reclaim your schedule, and reconnect with what matters most.


Following the session, you’ll dive into organizing your work and life better. Your assignment will be to finish designing and scheduling your priorities. You’ll have 10 days to learn how to implement this method in your everyday life.


We’ll have a 30-minute virtual check-in to celebrate the completion of your newly minted calendar and discuss how you implemented the system. After completing the session, you’ll have a system you can use again and again to intentionally create a life you love.

After completing this program, you’ll be crystal clear on how to break free from busy. You can be less stressed and know how to plan your free time, so you can reclaim your schedule and reconnect with what matters most.


Are you interested in working with me? Excellent! Here’s how to get started.

Step 1. Click on the YES, I WANT SOME MORE ME TIME! button below to pay for your session.

Step 2. Once you have paid for your session, you’ll receive an email from me with your reflection activity. 


Step 3. Look for an email from me giving you instructions on how to schedule your 90-minute Break Free From Busy session. Be sure to schedule the session at least 4 days out to give yourself plenty of time to complete the reflection activity prior to our session.

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When we first met, Tosh seemed open, organized, and thoughtful--I needed a grounding force…she was all of that and so much more. Tosh helped me organize my vision, plan ahead, and create thoughtful and pre-emptive plans. She asked GREAT questions and was open to everything…there was no judgment, just excitement, and support--what I so needed. She is fun, funny, ridiculously brilliant, super organized. What more could you ask for? She was an ABSOLUTE delight to work with and helped make the vision a reality.
~Beth, Senior Leader in Education