Hi, I'm Tosh!


I help women

remove clutter &

create a life that's

filled with pleasure.

Is that pile of clothes on your closet floor, the 5000+ photos on your phone, or

your mental to-do list stopping you from experiencing pleasure?




Six years ago my life was filled with clutter (overstuffed closets, too many obligations) and noise (unread emails, texts, and social media alerts). All of it made me feel pulled in 50 different directions. 


I was craving more time and space to do pleasurable things that made me happy but had no idea where to start. I felt stuck in a life and career that looked good on paper, yet underneath I was stressed and burned out (to the point that I developed a stress-related eye disorder that caused my eye to twitch uncontrollably). I gained 80 pounds from using food to cope with the stress.


Most days all the digital, mental, and physical clutter was preventing me from experiencing any joy or pleasure...and I didn't realize what was causing it until it got really bad.


So, yeah, I get it…

That’s why there are two main passions in my work...

Supporting women in decluttering 


Supporting women in reconnecting to pleasure (from sex to self-care and everything in between)

Because I believe that every woman deserves AND is worthy of having pleasure in every aspect of their life.


My path to freedom came via decluttering and downsizing in several areas of life. I left a soul-crushing career, traded a big house for a smaller space, and paid off ~$15k debt.


Plus I decluttered my schedule down to only doing things I LOVE, and this seemingly small tweak taught me the power of pleasure. The ripple effect into my life means starting the day with GUILT-FREE self-care rituals, ending work at 4PM on the dot, and enjoying long dinners (plus WEEKDAY fun!) with my hubby.

Surprisingly, doing less resulted in more → MORE PLEASURE! 


✨ More time.


✨ More freedom.


✨ More travel.


✨ More sex!


✨ More baths.


✨ More cooking. More massages. More naps. More reading.


Just more time and space doing things I love with the people I love.


Decluttering and simplifying my life didn't leave me with LESS, it gave me MORE!


>>Schedule a session with me<< and I’ll guide you through how to declutter and simplify your life.


If you're ready to clear out the clutter and infuse everything in your life with PLEASURE (because you deserve it!), click here to see how we can work together.


I’ve worked as a coach and counselor for 10+ years. I have over 15,000 hours of experience and a long track record of client success.

Plus I’ve been featured in places like The Dr. Oz Show, Oprah Magazine, as well as many local and national publications. Oh, and, I’ve downsized and decluttered my house, my career, and my life so I have LOTS of first-hand experience.

If you want results, I’m your girl.

I work with you to create changes that you can see, feel, and measure—like purging your home, scheduling self-care time and actually doing it, working less, traveling alone, taking a personal sabbatical, and establishing clear boundaries.



✅ Masters in Higher Education Counseling & Administration



✅ Certified Erotic Blueprint Sex & Intimacy Coach

✅ Accelerated Evolution Communication Coach

✅ Yoga Nidra for Stress Relief

✅ Sound Healing

✅ Bikram Hot Yoga

✅ Stress Reduction & Meditation in the Workplace


✨ The Path to Pleasure: A Black Woman's Guide to Healing Her Inner Goddess, Igniting Her Spirit, & Awakening Her Pleasure

✨ Work Less, Travel More: 50 Savvy Tips to Help Busy Professional Women Experience More Freedom & Happiness

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Yoga Teacher Training

Ready to ditch all the
physical, digital, and mental clutter in your life?