What would it take for you to feel healthy?

Get real with me here, girl. Forget your Dr. Oz comeback. I want to hear the answers you’re too ashamed to say out loud.

Did your mind instantly leap to the numbers? Being a size 4. Reaching a goal weight of 130 lbs.

Or did you imagine feeling like a hottie? Guys checking you out left, right and center. Rockin’ that bikini bod at the beach. A whole lot of women shootin’ you envy-glares.

I’m not here to judge. My story’s no different.

But I’ll say this much: When we think about health and wellness as the number on the scale or our clothing tags, we end up signing ourselves up for a craptastic cycle of yo-yo dieting, calorie-counting and body-shaming.

We snuff out all the sizzle and joy in our lives. We let our inner critics beat us down. We overlook our non-scale victories. We stop honouring our bodies because we’re too caught up chasing skinny.

We keep looking outward for the confidence and satisfaction we so desperately crave, when really, it’s all inward.

And when we start turning to food to fill those big craters in our hearts, we reach for the bad—Doritos, chocolate bars, mac & cheese—whatever evil nemesis we’ve put a troll on top of to remind ourselves to stay away from.

But you and I both know that your struggle with weight isn’t about the pounds that won’t budge.

Or your not-so-affectionately nicknamed “Buddha belly”.

Or even those numbers that flash back at you in bright red whenever you take that step of doom onto the scale.

It’s about what’s goin’ on underneath.

Before you can shed the weight and make the kind of healthy lifestyle changes that actually stick—to your soul, not your ribs—you’ve got to take a deeper look at what’s eating you up inside.
The Healthinista Movement is for the woman who…

…refuses to throw in the towel, even when she falls off the bandwagon

…is ready to feel damn good RIGHT NOW, jiggly bits and all

…wants to kick the self-deprivation and soul-crushing to the curb
So she can…

…be the totally liberated, excuse-defying, healthiest version of herself

…shed her cloak of invisibility and unleash her va-va-voom

…feel pumped to wake up every morning to a wildly vibrant life

Your wellness journey starts here. You ready?
Let’s do this.